Both the
Juice Box and the Squeeze box
are superb devices for the recording bassist.

I've used them many times though the years,
and I feel this quality of gear really helps my sound.

Tony Levin

For acoustic instrument pickups, like upright Bass,
it really smoothed out harshness
that can often occur,
sounds so lush.

I also loved it on electric Bass and Guitar.
It's now my go to DI!

David Hewitt
Hewitt Remote


I rarely employ effects, but I always use my
Retrospec Juice Box tube D.I.
live and for recording.

If it sounds good, and consistently good,
then I play well and, hopefully,
consistently well.

Graham Maby (Joe Jackson) (Issue 29)

... For 80% of the show
I use the Chet Atkins through a Retrospec
tube direct box directly into the P.A.,
and that boy sounds good.

Retrospec is a brand new company ... it's the
wave of the future, and they're not giving me
one either — I bought it.

Jorma Kaukonen
Guitar Player magazine, March 1996

Studio quality inside. Road tough outside.

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    Tony Levin at a product "shoot-out" involving 12 direct boxes.

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    Ken McKim, retrospec founder.

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Company History

Ken McKim Retrospec CEO Ken McKim

In a career that spans four decades, Ken McKim has been concerned with one thing: the accurate transfer of live sound to a recorded medium.

Tape Op interview with Ken McKim

Ken McKim’s talent for building and fine tuning studio equipment to best capture the magic of a great performance was first recognized in the Seventies, during his tenure as Chief Engineer at RPM Studios in Manhattan, a studio he helped construct. He closed out the decade as Chief Engineer at New York City’s legendary Sigma Sound, just as it was churning out hits by the Village People, Rick James, and Talking Heads.

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