The Juice Box is arguably the best direct inject on the market today. Boasting a hi voltage all tube transformerless design, incredibly low noise floor, amazingly wide frequency response, and a super high impedance input, it’s not just another direct box, it’s the only one you’ll need. Just ask Tony Levin, Jerry Barns, Dave Holland, NYC’s Avatar Studios, or anyone else who’s used one. With a tube buffered 1/4” input you won’t have to worry about your tone being loaded down by amps or pedals, and the balanced xlr output has enough variable gain to go straight into your tape machine or DAW, no mic pre needed. We believe It is the finest direct box you can buy. But you don’t have to take it on faith – get in touch with us and we’ll arrange a demo. 




Juice Box Features:  
-High Voltage, all tube, transformerless design
-Hi impedance 1/4” input to get the most out of your instrument
-Tube buffered 1/4” to amp output
-Balanced XLR output with up to +20dBu of gain
-Internal linear power supply for stability and reliability
-+20 variable, 0, and -10 output gain modes
-Audio ground lift switch
-Solid Aluminum chassis construction
-1 year warranty



Tech Specs:
Controls – +20 variable, 0, -10 gain switch, audio ground lift
Frequency Response – 10Hz-100+KHz +/-1dB
Noise Floor – > -90dBu
Input Impedance – 2.5M
Gain – +20dBu
Inputs -Tube buffered 1/4” TS
Outputs- 1/4” TS and Balanced XLR
Operating Voltage – 120/240VAC Switchable

Tape Op Juice Box Review