The Squeeze Box

The Retrospec Squeeze Box is a studio quality all tube electro-optical compressor living in a stomp box. It has a no-compromise design; with a fully discrete class A audio path, robust linear power supply, all through hole circuitry, and is built by us in the USA. It goes from transparent to aggressive and back again effortlessly and offers expanded controls to shape your tone. While designed for use with electronic instruments in mind, it can easily handle line level signals, allowing for use in a studio setting as a general purpose compressor. Familiar, classic controls with a design focused on the needs of modern recording and performance make the Squeeze box easy to use, recall, and adjust on the fly, regardless of the source. Boasting a super low noise floor, amazing frequency response, and a classic all tube design, you may find yourself hard pressed to find a better electro-optical compressor, rackmount or otherwise.

Squeeze Box Features:
-High Voltage, all tube, transformerless design
-Classic, studio quality optical compression
-Hi impedance input to get the most out of your instrument
-Tube buffered 1/4ā€ output
-Mic level balanced xlr output
-Internal linear power supply for stability and reliability
-Gain, threshold, and ratio control, with independently activateable passive eq circuit
-Noiseless switching between compression and dry signal
-Solid Aluminum chassis construction
-1 year warranty

Tech Specs:
Controls- Gain, threshold (W/ switchable pads), ratio, eq (independently activateable)
Frequency response- 10Hz-40KHz +/- .5dB
Noise Floor- >-72dBu active @ Full Gain, >-90dBu inactive
Input Impedance- 2.5MĪ©
Gain- +20dBu
Inputs- 1/4ā€ TS
Outputs- Tube buffered 1/4ā€ TS, XLR
Dimensions- 3″H x 8″W x 6″D
Operating Voltage-120/240VAC Switchable

Squeeze Box Quick-Start Guide